Customizable Aviation Management Systems


FLIGHTMASTER PRO is cloud-based management software that was developed for the aviation industry. Each client has a base model that is fully customizable to the specific client requirements. It is divided into 4 separate versions

1. Charter or Airline Management.
2. Airport Management Services.
3. Training Organization Management.
4. Aviation Recreaction Management.

What are the features of FLIGHTMASTER PRO?

FLIGHTMASTER PRO is a rapidly growing software system that is evolving daily. The use of collective client needs is used to drive advancement of the system. As new modules and features are added, these are automatically added to all user packages free of charge for evaluation. The evaluation period is one year. If after evaluation, you may choose to continue using new features or drop them from your package.

Each version has its own unique modules. All versions come standards with the following base modules.

COMPANY LIBRARY (all Versions)
> Manual Control of the company manuals, including manual Management of Change, periodic manual review monitoring.
> Company Document management to ensure standardized documents as well as document Management of Change.
> A Reference Library for reference documents or manuals.
> Record-keeping of correspondence with Civil Aviation and Air Services Licensing Council.
> Record of agreements and contracts.
> Company Certifications records,
> Department Meeting records.

> Online reporting centre for reporting of Occurrences, FDP (Flight Duty Period Exceedances) and chat facility with Safety Officer.
> Comprehensive Occurrence Mananagement of Hazards, Incidents and Accidents.
> Company TAG event system with full monitoting for "TAG read" compliance. Notifications of new TAG events by email.
> Safety talks and awareness record keeping.
> Full audit management for Safety, Quality, CAA and third-Party audits.
> Risk Assessments Management.
> Non-compliance Management.
> SQUAR (Safety and Quality Audit Review Committee) meeting and item management.
> Annual SMS review record-keeping.
> Safety Training record-keeping.
> Management of Change.
> Induction Records management for both Operational and Safety / Quality inductions.
> Safety Performance Management and statistical outputs.

AIRCRAFT MANAGEMENT (Airline / Airport / Carter & Training Versions)
> Company Aircraft Register.
> Aircraft Detailed Information.
> Aircraft currency management.
> Monitoring for review of AMP and MCM manuals.
>ircraft Standard Operating Procedure library.

CREW MANAGEMENT (Airline / Carter Versions)
> Standard briefs for regualr routes flown.
> Cabin Crew currency management.
> Flight Crew currency management.